Folding box sealer

Transport-safe sealing using various sealing methods

Reliable sealing of the cartons filled with goods is essential for transport safety. OPITZ folding box closers seal your cartons dust- and theft-proof at the base, lid, across corners or in other ways.

Our semi- and fully-automated systems have integrated servo-drives that handle various folding box formates quickly and to the highest quality standards, even when using chaotic product sequences.

We particularly recommend sealing with wet adhesive tape, as it provides particularly reliable protection against unperceived manipulation (theft) and dust.

Adhesive strips

  • Wet adhesive strip (taper-evident seal)
  • Self-adhesive tape
  • Hot & cold glue

Seal types

  • U-/slot seal
  • H-/double-T seal
  • Slot seal with tear strip
  • C-seal

Your benefits

  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic sealing with servo-drive
  • for all common seal types
  • Adhesion with high accuracy and without downtimes
  • High throughput

find further information in our handout: