Volume reducer

Reducing costs by volume optimisation

Finding the correct size for the end packaging is a serious problem for many packaging companies, as the product to be sent should be packaged as safely as possible while using as little space as possible. This trade-off can result in very high costs: Purchasing and storage of many different carton sizes as well as the filler material required and the personnel and work effort for administration, packaging and dispatching of only half-filled cartons are bad for the budget and for the environment.

Our patented Vario 558 volume reducer optimises your final packaging process. The modular machine fully automatically determines the minimum height of the end packaging as a function of the product volume to be contained, cuts the dispatch carton to this height and seals it. This also works for chaotic product sequences.

The 4 stations of the Vario 558

  1. Measuring the height of the product to be packaged in the carton – using a special camera system or sensors with a push button
  2. Cutting the corners of the dispatch carton according to the minimum height required – completely dust-free with oscillating high-frequency cutting blades.
  3. Folding the lid flaps – eccentrically and on top of each other
  4. Sealing the lid flaps – with self-adhesive or wet adhesive strip without interruptions

The space in the folding box is optimally used – you save transport costs, only have to store a few carton formats and no longer need filler material and operators for manual packaging. The Vario 558 offers maximum worker safety and quality simultaneously.

Make your packaging process more economical, help to protect the environment and save resources at the same time.

Your benefits

  • Minimum costs for packaging and filler material
  • Reduced staff requirements
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Simpler administration due to fewer carton formats
  • Higher worker safety
  • Protection of environment & resources

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